Myoblasts, differentiated 3T3-L1 adipocytes and C2C12 myotubes had been incubated with several concentrations of propionic acid or valeric acid as much as 2 mM for 24 h along with the MTT assay was performed. eight. siRNA transfection The GPR41 siRNA oligonucleotide and damaging siRNA oligonucleotide had been synthesized by Bioneer Corp.Final concentrations of 100 nM siGPR41 oligonucleotide have b
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Lls had been incubated with nonenzymatic cell dissociation buffer at 37C for ten min and were scraped carefully and replated in cAMP-Screen Direct precoated 96-well assay plates at a density of 1.0 ten five cells per well to assess cAMP production. Twenty-four hours later, the medium was re- placed with FBS-free medium for 2 h, followed by 3 h of LPS stimulation. The culture medium of manage wells
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